Kho t - Southern style (Saigon)
Salty caramelized meat

A special dish in which the delicate sweetness of a light caramel balances the vibrant saltiness of fish sauce.
You can have it spicy or not, as it is cooked to order

  Quite salty so eat with a lot of rice, this was a Vietnamese way of stretching a little meat a long way

D25. Tht Kho t  Caramelized pork,  越式炆豬肉煲

D26. Suon Kho t  Caramelized pork sparerib   越式炆豬排骨

D27. Cá Kho t  Caramelized fish (basa)    越式炆魚煲

D28. Tôm Kho t Caramelized prawns  越式炆大蝦

meat  More detailed description

Made in a metal pot so that the sugars in the sauce can caramelize.

The pork can be ordered lean, half lean and fat or fatty; also you can order with less or more hot peppers

The taste is rich with the caramelized sugar, spices and hot pepper. Slightly sweet  and salty with a spicy tingle from the peppers.

The taste reminds me of the tasty bits left behind when we would cook pork chops years ago but the difference is the whole dish tastes that good.

It is favoured much like many Vietnamese dishes in that it is meant to be eaten with rice or noodles to balance the flavour.

Cut up chilies for heat as much or little heat as you want.

The inside of the bowl is covered in caramelized sauce that is a delight to scrape off and eat as it is a very intense flavour.

This is the kind of dish I want to use some rice to clean out the cooking pot when we have finished the meat so I can get every ounce of this precious food.