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Like I said, I’m not a big fan of Pho, but this place was pretty good. The portions of all our dishes were good, a small bowl of Pho will be able to fill you up pretty good.

There are some times when asian places try to make it look authentic and they fail – Mui Ngo Gai is NOT one of these places. I don’t know why, but I did enjoy their decorations and their bamboo/wood chairs, I almost felt like I was back in Asia. Very cool.

Pho is one of the cheapest meals you can get in Vancouver. And for a small Pho bowl for under $6 is definitely a great bang for your buck.

Our server took our orders and they came out in no time. She was also friendly and helpful.

Vancouver Sun Readers' choice for budget dining in Metro Vancouver    

By Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun  January 27, 2011

Mui Ngo Gai, 2408 Nanaimo St., 604-251-3254 “This hole-in-the-wall is different from hundreds of other pho places in that they serve more unique Vietnamese dishes as well. They have 12 soups, Vietnamese hotpots and dishes such as curried goat and fried eel. The owners and cooks are from Vietnam and really strive to make authentic food, even their own special chili oil.” – Dinah Thiessen

Phone mobile review  April 05, 2010 - Likes it
My secret East Vancouver restaurant for some of the mist delicious Vietnamese Specialty Soups You have ever tasted.... So much more than just Pho ! The dishes are many and represent some local fare one might find in a fancy restaurant in Saigon, or at a special famlly gathering... Priced to keep You smiling as well!
Shermans' Food adventures
A pretty good bang for the buck at $8.95. Pretty good, another successful random restaurant visit. Food is good, price is right and the owner-lady is quite nice.

The Good:
- Solid pho
- Diverse menu
- Good portions
Chow Times

Attention foodies … especially those of you who are adventurous and enjoy exploring new and unique food.

This is another restaurant that excites me … a lot. I think it will you too.

I am quite excited about this restaurant. I felt that they are moving in the right direction by offering more than just pho. It is like what it was with Chinese food about 20 years ago where we get a lot of generic/Canadian Chinese restaurants around. It is in the past decade or so Chinese cuisine in Vancouver had gained a high level of sophistication that rivals the best in the world.

Wonderful menu - Great Food and Service

Service throughout the meal was excellent with the owner coming back several times to check that we liked the food, and the waitress very attentive with refills of our teapot. The final bill for eat-in food for the two of us and takeout food for our two boys was $60 including tip and taxes - great value, superb food, and wonderful, friendly service: we'll certainly be back to try dozens more of our favourite dishes on the extensive menu - if they are as good as the ones we ate, it certainly will be an experience to look forward to.

My Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant
By isaidwow of Vancouver (5 Reviews)
Submitted Monday, April 5, 2010 - 8:13pm [Dine in]

This little gem of a restaurant hasn't been around for too long (says my Vietnamese friend), but it looks like it's quickly getting more popular as it's more and more busy every time I go.

Went there today and ordered a #62 chicken with spring rolls on vermicelli for myself, and a #23 rare beef with brisket and tripe pho for m'ladyfriend.

The food is always excellent, the prices are on-par to perhaps a little bit pricey compared to other places, and the service is fantastic. I'm always greeted with a smile, and the food comes out pretty quickly. The take-out experience is solid too, as the wait isn't too long.

The vibe I get from this place when I do eat-in is comfy. I love the decorations, and the patrons there are usually friendly and family-oriented unlike other more "intimidating" Vietnamese places.

Homey Little Restraunt is #1 for Pho
By Pam_Dim of Vancouver (11 Reviews)
Submitted Sunday, September 12, 2010 - 5:00pm [Dine in]

I've been to this restaurant about a dozen times, and every time I've satisfied. Being the total 'foodies' that my wife and I are, we like to give props to the family owned and run establishments in our area. This place uses fresh ingredients, and always give plenty of what you ask for. Now we haven't ordered anything but Pho from this place, so we can't give much opinion on anything but ..but we can tell you: They are fast, reasonable priced, fresh and tasty. We plan to be loyal customers :)


I'm Only Here for the Food! Random thoughts of restaurants and food in Vancouver, BC! A spring roll. Somehow, I wanted the wrapped version rather than the fried versions. Reason? Pork! (Specifically barbequed pork). :D Yup, I had the option to go for pork and that is what I end up doing. Nothing wrong with that, right? For the most part, not even the herbs managed to make it palatable – it was dead bland. Sure, there was some pork and the pork was actually quite tasty. By together, the rice dampened everything; it was similar to eating a bowl of plain rice cooked only with water. Yup, not even a pinch of salt… So, what “saved” it was the dipping sauce, which I didn’t take a picture but you can partially see from the background. It was peanut based and provided some nutty taste.

Our reply

Great pictures, I am one of the owners of Mui Ngo Gai and I always look forward to reading reviews to help us improve our restaurant. The salad roll with pork needs to be dipped in the sauce for the proper taste. If we did not include a sauce then we would have made the roll differently as the sauce is essential to the final taste.

As for the bun bo hue we have made a decision to make it so most people can eat it and if you like it spicier we suggest you add our home made Hot chilli oil to spice it up. If you have ever gone to Thailand and tasted the traditional Thai food you will appreciate that the Thai places here tone down the spice for Canadians. We do the same but keep the taste traditional with few dishes we make. We are doing a balancing act between traditional and approachable. We want to make the taste traditional but the food has to be made with the customer in mind.


Clean, Roomy and friendly servers.    Delicious Pho.


One bowl of jungle pho please :)

My friends and I have nicknamed this restaurant "Jungle" and I have been a loyal customer here for the past 6 years. Not a complete hole-in-the-wall and a bit cleaner and spacier than usual pho houses.

I come here for the Pho Dac Biet (house special pho) and Bun Bo Hue (spicy noodle soup). The rice and vermicelli dishes are 3/5, come here for the noodles.


One of my favorite places to have authentic Vietnamese food with my family for lunch.  The place is clean and spacious with a "tropical" decore.  I like the fact they provide an abundance of fresh Viet. herbs to go with the dish and food come out piping hot.

My favs are Bun Bo Hue and Bon Rieu.  Good tasty broth with loads of ingredients in each bowl.

Good food and reasonable places.


This is an authentic Viet restaurant to come get your Pho or other various dishes. If you've only been for Pho elsewhere an entire half of this menu will look foreign to you. Fear not though, there's ample descriptions on what style of Vietnamese dish along with which region of Vietnam the dish typically originates from.

This is a place that the adventurous can truly explore some of the lesser known dishes along with being equally pleasing for those looking for a simple beef noodle bowl.

The staff here are super smiley and friendly which is nice. Unlike other places it never feels rushed and they don't go chasing you out the door.

The decor is not better and no worse than any other Viet restaurant and in all honestly with the loudly playing TV going sounds just as if you're eating at home in the living room.

Free parking out back is also a plus!

Reviews of our Kingsway location:


The very friendly service, combined with the more unique menu offerings and extremely reasonable prices makes this a place I will come back to so I can work my way through some of their other offerings!


Tasty, reasonably priced and excellent service!  I'm not sure why more people aren't trying it.  The pho, crepe thing, and roasted chicken were all excellent, and the price was right!


I haven't written a review in freaking ages! But I was so compelled to write one because I truly believe this place is Awesome. Yes with a capital A. And why are there not more reviews for this place? Seriously can we get more people to go and eat here!


I didn't wake up this morning expecting to have my life changed.  And no, I'm not talking about the earthquake at lunchtime.

This is probably the best Vietnamese food I have had in YEARS.  And I mean that literally.  Today was a very beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky.  Now you know why~


Visited Vancouver for a week and ate here three times at least, plus a pit stop for takeaway to eat at the airport on my way home.  The first time I came here, it was almost midnight and I was tired, hungry, and grumpy.  "How good can a late-night restaurant be?" I thought, and went in prepared to become even grumpier.

How good?  Excellent, it turned out! The roasted chicken was juicy and crispy, as was the cha gio, and it came out to maybe $8 for a meal that was filling, with enough left over for breakfast the next day.  The crepe with bean sprouts and turmeric was crunchy, sweet, and savory.  I want to visit Vancouver again just to get another $8 rice plate of deliciousness, and try their soups, too.  The owners/servers are super friendly, too, even at midnight!


We went here yesterday after reading good reviews of this place here (and I agree, there are not enough of them!). The proximity to our house made it a compelling choice, but as soon as we walked in the door, we knew we were in for a treat. The new decor was inviting and it is much snazzier than their other location at Nanaimo and Broadway.

We ordered a couple of phos because it was a fall day and worthy of soup. I got the seafood version, which ended up being tasty and, as another reviewer mentioned, came with large pieces of seafood. After a little bit of flavour adjusting with the hoisin and chili sauce, this soup was just what I was looking for. We ordered a crispy tofu with spicy sauce appetizer that came when we were all finished our soups! As promised the tofu was crispy and good ... there could have been more sauce on the slices as we found ourselves mopping the plate looking for a little bit more of that tasty flavour!

Of note for parents, they also serve child-sized pho (and meatballs) here and that is always a bonus for us!

The menu itself gets high marks with its nice pictures and thorough description of each dish - we had no surprises eating here!

Overall we had a good meal and we'll be back to this one.


Different from Song Huong, but excellent in its own way.

I was able to try some specialty dishes that other restaurants had not offered me yet.  (like banh xeo, an omelet like thing you wrap in lettuce)

The prices are reasonable and the portions are decent.  If you aren't feeling overly adventurous, have a dry noodle (buon) or a delicious pho tai bo vien (rare beef slices and beef meatball & noodle soup combo, always great in this Raincouver weather.  :)