Lẩu  Hot pot 火鍋   


D30. Lẩu thập cẩm  Mixed hot pot (beef, seafood)  什錦火鍋

D32. Lẩu đồ biển  Mixed seafood  海鮮火鍋Goat hot pot











D31. Lẩu Dê Hầm Thuốc Bắc  Goat with asian dried herbs 
        藥膳羊肉火鍋 (Saigon)

sweet and sour soup


 Canh chua cá hoặc tôm,  Hot & sour fish (basa) or shrimp soup  
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Lẩu lá  chanh Chicken hot pot with either a whole free range chicken or regular chicken breasts.  走地雞火鍋

Canh   Soup 

These soups are normally eaten by Vietnamese families
along with their main meal.
Little rice in your bowl then add some of the soup.

D33. Canh cá nấu thì là  Fish (Basa steak) with fresh dill and tomato soup
       蒔蘿葉魚湯  (Hanoi)

D34. Canh cải xanh nấu sườn non Pork sparerib with young mustard leaf
          時菜豬排骨湯 (Hanoi)

D35. Canh chua cá hoặc tôm, Hot & sour fish (basa) or shrimp soup